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5 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit

No one can deny the vital importance of health but unfortunately, most of us do not treasure this blessing unless we lose it. A healthy body is one of the greatest blessings of God and a single round to a hospital and observing the patients are enough to realize its worth. A good health does not only mean a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. This hybrid combination of a fresh body and mind helps you performing your daily activities with no problem and discomfort. We all must be thankful for what we have and should take care of our physical and mental state to live a happy and long life.


Everybody knows exercise is good for them but they must know how? Exercise keeps you

weight in control and a balanced weight has proved to be a strong shield against diseases like depression, stroke, heart diseases, arthritis and many more. Exercising 30 minutes a day produces endorphins “The Happy Hormones” in our body that combat stress and keeps you in a happier state than you were before. Keeping a good balance between exercise and weight maintains your good health.


We spend one third of our life sleeping. Humans with less sleep works just like a mobile with low battery. Sleep is an essential factor that refreshes your body and consequently keeping a person healthy physically and mentally. Yet, millions of people everyday do not get sufficient sleep according to the research of National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF). NSF  conducted a survey  from 1999 to 2004 and revealed that 40 millions Americans are suffering from sleep problems. The sleep disorders are not only found in adults but children are also its victims.

Need of sleep differs from person to person. Generally, 8 hours sleep is sufficient for majority

of people but some need 6 hours and some need 10 hours sleep to feel fresh. Disorder of nervous system, cardiovascular system, metabolic functions, immune system, emotional problems and usage of drugs are the major reasons for the cause of sleeplessness. Sufficient sleep keeps our immune system strong and as a result, we are less vulnerable to diseases and health problems.

How to improve sleep

Now the question arises, how can we improve our sleep? Do the following.Get up early

     a. Avoid taking things that interfere with sleep like nicotine, caffeine

     b. Exercising everyday improves your sleep

     c. Be a giver because givers sleep better

     d. Do not cheat because cheaters lack peace of mind which keeps them sleepless.

     e. Take dinner almost 3 hours before sleeping.

     f. Avoid negative thoughts and forgive people. It will reduce your depression.

     g. Avoid using computer and watching tv late night.

Avoid depression

Depression is a mental disease that only affects your mood but it goes beyond that. It also disturbs a person’s relationships, the way a person’s eat, sleep and carry on his routine

activities. Cause of depression can not always be detected. Normally, it happens due to a stressful loss such as death of a loved one, loss of a job or if someone is oppressed by a person. Depression causes a person to avoid social places and people, leaving the person alone. Depression has a huge bad impact over your health. It weakens our immune system and a depressed person is more prone to health problems such as heart diseases, sleep disorders, less energy, poor short term memory, osteoporosis, angina, arthritis, and asthma. Action should be taken against this mental illness before it leaves you ill and alone.

How to get yourself out of depression

a. See a psychiatrist

b. Look at the things you have rather than considering what you do not have.

c. Understand what is depressing you and change the situation. Sometimes, when nothing seems to work, optimizing your own attitude works.

d. Look at those who lack basic needs of life and help people around you. Helping others make you look around yourself and gives you a happy feeling after solving problems of other people.

e. Pray to God to get out of depression after all, the control of all human sufferings and comforts is in his hands.

f. Socialize yourself with positive people and share your feelings at some internet depression forum.

g. Divert negative thoughts and keep positive hobbies.

h. This world is not a perfect place and do not think others are happy and you are not. You never know what they are going through.

Good and balanced Diet

 Everything you eat has a direct impact to your health. Just like a high quality petrol makes the car run fast similarly, a good, pure and balanced diet keeps you healthy enough to

perform your routine tasks efficiently."A balanced diet contains the correct amount of all the necessary nutrients that are essential to keep you healthy”

A balanced diet contains food of all categories such as meat, whole grams, fruits and vegetables. A person who takes all of them together does not panic when a talk of balanced diet is generated. A good diet does not always mean a food that tastes best. There are many foods that do not taste great but contain a lot of nutrients. The following nutrients have the following advantages.

Vitamins and minerals are body’s need and provide strength against diseases.

Proteins helps in the repair and growth of cells and tissues.

Fats provide energy and keep the body warm.

Carbohydrates (sugars and starch) are a good source of energy.

Food Pyramid

A food pyramid is a graphical representation that gives a clear idea what a balanced diet should contain.

     a. Major part of your diet should contain breads and cereals.

     b. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

     c. Do not take too much meat. Keep its intake moderate.

     d. Fats, oils and sweets should have as minimum intake as possible.

     e. Take dairy products daily.

Good Relationships

Healthy Relationships are good for your health. A new study proves that a marital

relationship reduces stress and helps dealing with it. Hormone that is being released when a person is stressed is known as Cortisol. The amount of Cortisol in a person can used as a measure of how much stressed a person is. A Research proved that fewer stress hormones are produced in people who are in a relationship as compared their single counterparts.

Another studies proved that married persons suffer less from health problems specially heart diseases and usually have a longer life than singles. Efforts should be made to improve your relationship everyday because a good partner not only keeps you healthy but a source of happiness for you.

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