Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to become a loveable person

Have you ever wondered why some people are more loved than others? Why some people have charismatic personality where others go unnoticed. What makes them more lovable and attractive? Most commonly, it is the attitude. 

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference”

People with good attitude and manners are much more in demand than those with poor attitude and bad manners. Though with the advancement of time, majority of the people often think that only cleverness can make them successful in their life but they do not understand that God has placed the ability to judge good or bad things in human’s mind. We can not change that and a person with good values and behavior will always be appreciated. If today people are not giving value to a good person tomorrow they surely will.  No matter how much money and luxuries you have, if you do not have a good heart and you do not care for the feelings of those around you, they will not feel comfortable in your presence. 

“Some people cause happiness wherever they go and some whenever they go”

Lets look at the qualities that can make you lovable and “happy to be around” person.

Be Caring

Care is the one of the strongest weapons that attracts people towards you. There are two

types of people you never forget. One who gave you pain and the other who took care of you when you needed it the most. A caring person is not a self-centered person. He takes others problems as his own and tries to solve and help them. Even I ask you a question that who is your best friend? I’m sure whoever you’ll name will be your most caring friend. Isn’t it ?

Be Understanding

To make people comfortable, it is very important to understand their feelings. Whenever
anyone tells you his problem, you should listen it carefully and should try to solve it. Reply it in the way “I understand that it must have hurt your feelings, why do not you try to do this”. Rather than saying “It does not seem to be problem, Why are you creating mess with it” or saying “It must be your mistake that you are facing with this problem”. Imagine yourself in the situation. Assure the person that you have understood how worried he is and then give a good solution.

Be Helping

No matter wherever you go and wherever you are, be a good helper. For example, if you are

sitting in a waiting room and someone needs water there. If you have a bottle, offer him. If you see a blind person crossing the road, help him do that. Do not be shy in lending a helping hand towards others. People never forget those ever helped them when they were in need.

“People may forget what you said them, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

Be a good listener

Everybody wants and admire a good listener. Whenever someone talks to you, look into the eyes of the speaker and listen carefully what they are saying. Understand it well and give your suggestion and advice if needed. All of you must
have experienced bad listeners and how awkward you feel when the person you are talking to diverts his attention. Another important aspect is that you should know when you have to be quite and when not to be. A good listener gains people’s trust and they will love to be around him.

Be Motivating

One of the traits of a positive person is that he is very motivating. People often like to tell
their problems to a person who is encouraging to them. Whenever anyone seems worried, motivate the person with the sentences like “I know you can do it”, “things get better with time if you keep on trying” or “Time does not remain the same always. Wait for good days”. If you have some past experience regarding the issue and the problem is resolved now, tell him what you learned and how your efforts took you out of it. Consequently, people will love to have your company always.

Be Yourself

Always remember that showing off may appear better but does not put a good impression on the people around you. Do not pretend what you are not. If you want to show people that you are a good person, be a good person. Always speak the truth because truth keeps you away from many sins and once you’ll be a good person, it will be obvious to everyone with no show offing. 

Do not backbite

Do not backbite about the person who is not around you. It is not only a sin but if you do not practice back biting, it will keep you successful in your relationships with everyone. When you did not utter a bad word for someone so you do not need to afraid of the fact that someone will try to create fight between you and the people you know.

Last Words

Always be good with people for God’s sake. Even if they’ll hurt you in return, you will not stop being good with them because it was God for whom you were making those efforts. He is happy  and he’ll reward you for that somehow. Have a strong belief in it and go ahead !!.
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