Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to release the happy hormones “Endorphins”

Endorphins or “Happy Hormones” are a group of peptide hormones released within the brain and nervous system and they affect the way you feel emotionally. Endorphins combat stress by increasing your body’s threshold for pain and lifts up your mood. Consequently, you feel yourself happy and less tense from inside.

There are certain activities that you can do to increase the level of Endorphins in your body. Some of them are listed below:-

    1. Smile

When you smile, even if it is a fake one, muscles of your face are stretched
and this muscular movement triggers the brain to release the “Happy Hormones” which makes you feel good and boosts up your mood. Your smile not only makes others happy but does a huge favor to release your own stress.

    2. Vigorous Exercise

Most of the athletes state that when push their bodies to the limit, they experience a state termed as “Runner’s High”. Endorphins are released and the person experiences a euphoric high. Not only you feel good but your heart will feel stronger even after a couple of hours.

3. Chocolates

Even a single bar of chocolate causes the release of
endorphins. Whenever you feel down, stop thinking about the weight and grab a chocolate to lift up your mood and body. This is one of the reasons that people often crave for chocolate in stress and associate happy feelings with it.

4. Spicy Food

When a spicy food is taken in, your mouth is on fire
and consequently brain releases endorphins to provide relief to it. The spicier the food is, the more endorphins will be produced.

5. Exposure To Sunshine

People often enjoy sunshine and feel good in it.
Perhaps they do not know it why? Sunlight also causes the brain to produce endorphins. Consequently, lifting up your mood.

6. Be Optimistic and Happy

Looking at the positive side of the situation keeps you happy. The more happy and relaxed you’ll feel, the more endorphins will be
released. There are many situations that we can simply tackle by using the weapon of positive thinking. Most of the times, sorrow and sadness are generated from negative thoughts. So do not let them creep in.

    7. Laugh And Cry

Research has proved that laughing for ten to fifteen
minutes also cause a sufficient amount of endorphins to release. Some people practice this just to uplift themselves. Try to cut jokes with your friends, polish your humor, always try to make people laugh and smile as much as you can. Studies have also shown that as soon as we start crying, brain releases these hormones to provide relief. Thanks to the lovely system of nature J

    8. Be Silly

Everyone’s normal and showing maturity but
sometimes beauty lies in being silly. Do silly acts like make a funny hairstyle, eat baby cereals, wear funny dresses etc. These silly activities will be a good change and make you feel happy by doing unusual stuff.

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