Monday, April 22, 2013

Making the most of it!

Yesterday was a really homey, sweet kind of day. I had a really nice time with Chris and Koda and Walter (the cat), as well as friends we saw when we all got together to watch Game of Thrones.

We had originally planned to go hiking, but with my ankle feeling still pretty bad, we had to cancel those plans. But I would say we made the MOST of our day, anyway, and still got in a lot of exercise.

Chris and I went grocery shopping at the local co-op, brought Koda to the pet store so he could pick out a treat (I will never get over how cute that is), got some really amazing local coffee, did some yard work, cleaned out Chris' car (which gets SO gross because we use it for the dog, hiking, skiing, etc), cleaned up the house and then rewarded ourselves with some delicious roasted chicken legs, roasted sweet potato, and raw snap peas!

Mmmm, sweet, crisp raw snap peas. I love having a dinner veggie that I don't have to cook :)

Chris and I also went on a bike ride! My ankle is still pretty unstable when bearing weight, so the bike was a perfect activity for our Sunday. It felt great to get my heart rate up again. I took the dog out this morning for a 40 minute walk, and my ankle is a little angry about that, but I can tell it is slowly healing. Good news.

We also rode our bikes to our friend's house to watch GoT instead of driving. Love saving gas and burning calories! (And, holy crap, that show gets better EVERY FREAKING EPISODE. I am in love.)

Our friends had ordered pizza and offered us some, but Chris and I are trying to get back to a more paleo lifestyle, so we turned it down. I had left room in my day to drink some white wine, and so that's what I did! It felt good to do what I had planned on and not give in to temptation.

Had a great, laughter filled night with friends - which ended up with me swearing revenge on one of them for hiding my bike and making me think it was stolen so I would freak out :D :D :D

This morning's breakfast:

The dark drink is a veggie heavy fruit juice... I put about 3-4 oz in the glass and then dilute with water. Still getting some vitamins and sweetness, but not drinking 120 calories of juice, for the win!

Got my nutrition in for the morning, got my dog walk in, cleaned the kitchen, and am now settling down to do work with a nice cup of coffee... mmmmm, life is sweet sometimes.

Alright, that was a bumbling little update on my life. But hey! I'm freaking out on caffeine, whatdayawant?!?!

And, just before I go, another little tidbit that is going to affect my life - we are getting a roommate tonight!! Our good friend is moving in for a little while, as he just left the west coast. I'm pretty excited :) We cleaned out my dad's old room and got it all fixed up for our friend. I am so interested in how living with a roommate will go. Chris, me, dog, cat, and friend! Ya!

Love you all <3

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