Saturday, April 20, 2013

Party, Caprese Salad, Cupcakes

Just a little update to stay accountable. I went to the party last night, where a bunch of people who couldn't fly to Sedona for our friends' wedding all got together and partied and watched the wedding on streaming internet. We tried to recreate the wedding menu and had a nice time in the bride and groom's honor.

I was actually very pleased with the food options! There was baked chicken, asparagus, two different types of veggie salads, corn chowder, and whole grain rice. I had caprese salad (which I made!) as an appetizer, a normal plate of food for dinner - no seconds, and two small cupcakes. I also drank champagne.

But for a party? For a wedding? It was great. I filled up on lots of veggies. I had eaten very lightly and sensibly before the party so I wouldn't be starving but also wouldn't have eaten a ton of calories by the time I got to the party. Very pleased with the lack of binging!!

I wanted to show you the gorgeous caprese salad I made, I was very proud of the good quality ingredients, the arrangement, and the colors. It was a huge hit at the party (it was the only appetizer, as well, and it went fast!)

Also, I wanted to share a picture of me that I really love. It is not a great picture for someone who writes about health since I am holding a very lovely cupcake... but I also won't write this blog and hide who I really am - a person who eats treats and doesn't ALWAYS only eat things that are good for me. But this picture shows me how I was last night, totally happy and enjoying myself and NOT drowning myself in food!

I didn't drink enough water last night with my champagne, so I woke up dehydrated. But I downed a bunch of water, made a light egg breakfast and am about to head out with Koda (going to see how my ankle feels, it doesn't hurt anymore but feels really unsteady - we will see!).

Enjoy your weekend, folks, fill them with laughter and movement and joy <3

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