Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top 5 ways to relax your mind

Your world is full of responsibilities and commitments that you have to carry on everyday. Loads of challenges you face everyday. Sometimes, you are able to achieve those and sometimes you lose. Your mind controls your body and these everyday burdens are continuously revolving in it. Consequently, you have the feeling of having a stressed and tired mind which hinders you from performing routine activities comfortably.

Your brain also needs your attention and care to work smoothly. In order to take ourselves out of this stress and tension, we need to move through few simple steps that can make our mind and soul relaxed in a couple of minutes. These five easy-to-follow steps are listed below

1. Strengthen your Connection with God

Just like we feed food to our body, our soul needs its food too and that comes with a strong
relationship with God. It relaxes our mind, body and soul. The more we pray, the more it strengthens our faith. We do believe that our part is to work hard, try and pray and God will solve our problems. This blind trust provides us a power that people with less faith do not possess. Consequently, people with strong belief on God are less prone to stress and anxiety. As “Try Try Again” is the rule of the world and in one of the Holy books God says “I am according to the belief of the person”. If he is in firm in this belief, God will help him for sure. Another tip is to take sometime each day and talk to God about all of problems, fears and ask him to help you. This way you feel that he is listening to you and it relaxes your soul and body too.

All of the Holy books and scriptures give us a lesson that whatever difficulties that a man faces are all from God’s side. He has created this world to take the test of man’s faith. The test is going on everyday in the form of good and bad things that we are facing. By putting a human into difficulty, God checks whether this person has still strong faith over me and seeks help from me. Those who are ungrateful to God through thick and thin, they are unable to clear this test and will be sent to hell. The ones who are still seeking help from God and they do trust that God will take them out of this trouble, they will be rewarded with heaven after death. This trust has no benefit to God but it basically helps the man not losing hope in trouble. So it’s all about your advantage.

2. Take a nap 

Taking proper sleep at night stabilizes your mind and body to perform at their best. Minimum sleep of 8 hours is enough to give you a fresh start in the morning. All of you must have heard the proverb

“Early to Bed and Early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Not a big deal !!

When you feel too much occupied, take a nap for sometime. Sleep not only charges your body to regain energy but relaxes your mind too. It has been proven also that taking a nap charges your mind and body to complete your tasks very quickly. A tired and restless mind is just like a computer with slow processor that has a slow pace to finish his jobs and nobody wants to keep. 

3. Fresh air Exercise

Our routine activities have kept us so busy that today we are moving away from the natural lifestyle. Most of the times, we sit in offices or take rest at home but have no time for
exercise. Exercise not only controls weight but it also improves mood, boosts energy and combats health conditions and diseases.

Minimum 30 minutes daily exercise plays a vital role in relaxing our mind and body. Outdoor exercise is more beneficial than the indoor one but going out is not possible then shift to an indoor option. Exercise is not only necessary for fat persons but also for the lean ones. No matter you are fat or not, but you all have a mind that needs to be relaxed. J Following are the few exercises that lift up your mind in no time.

      a. 30 minutes walk

      b. Yoga

      c. Aerobics

      d. Breathing exercises

      e. Outdoor games like badminton, cricket, baseball or any other.

4. Tackle Negative Thoughts and Distract them 

Sometimes it is very important to distract your mind from where it is stuck currently.
Because we often find negative thoughts revolving in our mind regarding the people or situations we face everyday. Negative thinking can harm our lives on large scale and a vital cause of many physical diseases specifically heart diseases. Every time, a negative thought arrives, recognize it and throw it out of your mind. For some people, it is as simple but for others it becomes difficult at times. Best way to trash a negative thought is by keeping your mind busy in good and healthy activities. Some are listed below :-

      a. Sports 
      b. Hobbies 
      c. Reading/ Writing 
      d. call a friend who has good humour 
      e. help the needy 
      f. go to your pet and play 
      g. Start watching a good TV show

If they all don’t seem to work, then adopt  a “So what !! It is not a problem. I’ll tackle it.” You will notice the difference soon.

5. Forgive and Forget

How many times in a day it happens that we have to deal with those people who are
irritating everyone, being selfish and thinking and favoring their own selves. Forgiveness is a strong virtue that gives a way to free your self of the chronic anger that was generated by these self-centered people. Forgiveness is the most efficient and powerful exercise that I would like to recommend all of you. Although it apparently gives an idea that you’ve seen extra nice to those who hurt you like hell but on the long run, it benefits you more than the culprit. Psychology has proved that forgiveness says good-bye to your chronic anger and bitterness and is proved to be the best exercise for your own mental health. Following are the benefits of forgiving people

      a. Relaxes your own mind and body 
      b. Keeps your relationships good
      c. Increases tolerance 
      d. Negative thoughts departs

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you”.—Unknown

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