Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend: biking, Ginsu knives, my damn good mood.

Things have been going well round these parts!

I forgot to weigh in before I ate breakfast, and since every weigh in is exactly the same (about 15 mins after I wake up, before food or water), I just couldn't see the point in it. However, yesterday, I was at 126, so all good there. Five pounds to go till July 7th - possible and probable!

I went biking for 45 minutes yesterday. The sunshine and fresh air felt great! Also, my ankle is healing up nicely, and the biking doesn't aggravate it.

Wanted to share this picture of my beautiful neighborhood, I feel so lucky! It makes just getting out so much easier. I love stepping out my front door, seeing all the old homes with the bright yellow bushes and tulips budding. (Can you tell I am in a bit of a gushy, love-y mood today??)

We got our first ever wedding gift, too! It was a surprise since the wedding isn't till September, haha. It just showed up on our doorstep late Friday night. I am SUPER amped about it: a set of gorgeous Ginsu knives. Makes cooking easier and PRETTIER :D

Chris and Koda came home this morning from Koda's first ever camping trip (I wasn't going to go because temps went below freezing and I have this cold and the ankle problem - can't wait to hike with them soon!). Total success and everyone is riding a high of adrenaline and bliss.

About to cook Chris and I brunch (he got home around 10:30 AM and I made lemon cakes this morning for a friend who is going into surgery soon - I definitely nibbled a little and haven't been hungry yet!). 

Then off for another bike ride, woo!! I'm really enjoying my bike this year, so much so that I am debating whether to join a gym or not. I definitely can do body-weight strength workouts at home, and biking is nice cardio... we will see. I am just hesitant to spend money right now on something I am totally rocking out for free!

Hope you all are having as happy a Sunday as I am.

Namaste <3

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