Friday, April 26, 2013

Who is a "real woman"?

Just posting this to point out how silly it is to say things about how "real" women should look. We are all real women just how we are.

They've Been Sharks All Along!

I am not a supporter of those who think you can be healthy at any size (there is a size at which that is just patently untrue!) but, regardless, skinny or fat or fit or curvy or flat-chested or big-breasted, WHATEVER, we are all real women and we all deserve respect, body shape be damned.

I think the better we treat ourselves, the more respect we have for ourselves and others - the healthier we will be, in body and mind.

I really am all about health on this little blog and in my life - the total pursuit of COMPLETE health, body, mind, and spirit.

I was fat and sad and hated myself and messed up from all of that for FAR too long. And now that my body is healthy, I try consistently to remember to love it, to think of it as a gift, to cherish this life and be happy.

In more mundane, life news: still sick, but better, am over the hump of the big yuck! Going to attempt a dog walk later in the afternoon (I always feel better in the afternoon when I am sick than in the morning).

I've also made a big step!! Did not purchase gluten free bread at the farmer's market this week (it's been a weekly buy, and I work my way through the loaf till the next farmer's market)... so my house is officially paleo food only. It feels good :)

No alcohol, eating paleo - yay! I feel strong and clean.

Love you all,

Namaste <3

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