Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whole23 and 30 days of no alcohol

The ever so lovely and straight-forward, no bullshitting Norma is doing a Whole30 starting on May 1st.

Wonderful news for me, since I planned to get back to paleo on May 1st, as well! It is always nice to have a support system.

I didn't want to do the Whole30 since it doesn't allow alcohol (wah!) and I do like a drink or two. But Norma so kindly told me to "woman up!" and go thirty days without alcohol.

I am going to jump right in and do it RIGHT NOW - no alcohol for 30 days. Which frees me up for Memorial Day weekend where Chris and I are having a romantic mountain weekend full of hiking, sleeping in lean-tos, AND a fancy dinner or two in nearby towns to celebrate becoming Adirondack 46ers. I will feel no shame about having my first drink in a month on that weekend.

So here we go.

April 22nd - May 23rd: NO ALCOHOL

May 1st - May 23rd: Abbreviated Whole30 (23!)

May 1st - ???: go back to living 95% or more paleo!

I am pretty excited. I've got a wedding dress fitting on July 7th. A month of no alcohol and strict paleo will get me back into the good habits I had last summer. And then I can easily maintain my goal of under 125 for the wedding dress :)

Also, the next big step will be once I HAVE gotten fitted for the dress, I then have to strictly maintain that weight for two months until my wedding. So lots of really good motivators for me (vanity is a huge motivator for me - my health is REALLY great right now, so I feel no shame in saying that, hahaha).

So yay! Yesterday was day 1 with no alcohol - and I was tempted because our new roommate offered to mix up cocktails. Chris and he had one and I declined, just sitting and talking about his trip. Day 1 - win. Day 2 will also be a win. :D 

The new roommate is getting settled in and used to our huuuuge and rough-housing dog, heh.

Okay, I slept late, got to get on the move with breakfast and dog walking and errands before work!

Namaste, my friends.

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