Sunday, May 19, 2013

80 Dollars at the Grocery Store and an Article

The wedding went alright last night. We left a little early and hit the hay... I don't have the desire to rage it all weekend all the time like I did a few years ago. I need my sleep!!

Unfortunately, Chris has allergies, and he breathes really hard and loud while sleeping and I am an insanely light sleeper, so my sleep has been kind of erratic the last two nights. Trying not to let the tiredness make me eat more than I should - had a sensible breakfast and lunch so far today and dinner is going to be roast chicken with sweet potatoes, carrots and apples. It's one of my favorite dinners in the world - expect me to take pictures if the chicken turns out all lovely and golden brown like we always try :)

It's a little rainy and dark here in Albany. I'm a little tired and regretting having the drinks I had last night. Pretty lazy day. We already did our shopping, food prep and house cleaning and I am going to chill HARD for the rest of the evening.

And just as a point of what 80 dollars gets you at the supermarket of healthy food:

5 sweet potatoes
5 onions
5 tomatoes
An acorn squash
6 bananas
1 lb ground buffalo meat
1 lb beef
1 lb ground chicken
An entire chicken
1 lb chicken thighs
6 almond milk yogurts
3 organic chocolate bars
A dozen eggs
Carton of egg whites
1/2 lb raisins
1/2 lb dates
Big bag of mushrooms
1/2 gallon of flax milk
Turkey bacon

To me, that's not bad! I do spend a little more on the meat and eggs (I get the grass fed/no antibiotic meats and eggs for my peace of mind - cancer is a scary thing). But that food is going to feed us (as well as the leftover food from last week - carrots, avocado, apples, pulled pork, cabbage, strawberries, etc - and we only spent 90 on groceries last week).

I just don't like hearing that it costs too much to eat healthy - we feed two grown adults for ~90 dollars a week, and we also spend about 20 dollars of random stuff throughout the week.

Forgot to weigh in this morning, it was a toughie of a wake up because of the erratic sleep. I'll keep you updated tomorrow :)

I will leave you with this article that sparked my interest (and scared me):


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