Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Accidentally texting your weight to a friend/Dealing with Hunger

So most mornings, I will wake up, hit the bathroom, weigh myself and throw Chris a text to update him (it's an easy way for me to stay accountable, because I don't want to lie to Chris and I also don't want him to know I'm gaining weight).

Well, this morning, I groggily texted Chris an update (I am at 127.5 because of my stupid weekend of drinking).... um, but I failed to look at the recipient line of the text. I texted one of my male friends by accident >.<

He was sweet about it, laughed and said congrats and then moved the conversation on to ask if I will babysit his kid tomorrow. So, all good. But still, pretty embarrassed.

Moving on (though I will probably think about that throughout the day and cringe a little, haha).

So I ran out of Jillian Michaels' and Dan Savage podcasts to listen to on my morning dog walks and started listening to Dr. Drew. So now I have a fitness podcast, a sexual health podcast, and a more generalized mental health (with a focus on addiction) podcast.

The Dr. Drew podcast I just listened to actually focused on body builders, fitness and weight loss, though. And it was interesting to hear Dr. Drew and his guests talk about it!

One topic that stuck out to me is when Dr. Drew talked about when he needs to lose weight, the way he knows for sure he is being successful is when he is consistently a little bit hungry, that that is his weight loss "sweet spot." They went on to discuss that one of the most important things Americans need to learn is how to be hungry and to be okay with, as well as to understand what TRUE hunger is (not boredom/thirst/cravings/etc).

They talk about how children have a really good understanding of their own bodies and hunger- they eat when they are hungry, don't eat when they aren't. It's why a lot of young kids don't want to eat at mealtimes. And it is the forcing of kids to eat full meals at three previously specified times a day (and clean their plates, damnit!) that messes with us in later years because we no longer rely on body cues to eat but to eat at breakfast-lunch-dinner, regardless.

I thought that was all very interesting. And valid - it wasn't until I had a more "free" schedule, whether I was teaching or unemployed or whatever that I learned I don't always need three meals a day, sometimes more smaller meals or fewer larger meals or grazing throughout the day or my meals at weird times. I've started to understand what real hunger is because I have the option to down a glass of water or to just wait it out and see if it WAS boredom or anxiety or something.

The past year or two, Chris and I have both gotten more comfortable with being hungry. We don't like to be REALLY hungry (as in, lightheaded or low blood sugar), but to feel some hunger pains for a while and it just isn't a big deal.

Good stuff.

Ate an almond milk yogurt this morning, a snack so that I don't get TRULY hungry on my dog walk I'm about to go on. Will probably eat some eggs with roasted chicken and raw tomato slices later.

Have a great day,


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