Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amazing day, Bad news....

My day in Boston was gorgeous, fun, full of laughter, and ALMOST perfect. I'll get to the bad news later. For now, I want to share with you my day.

So, it all started with me wear my cutest rocker girl dress to try and entice Jared Leto to sweep me off my feet and.... well, you know the fantasy ;D It was still a great dress to wear even if he didn't fall immediately at my feet - Chris loves it and it was so hot in Boston, I was glad to be wearing it!

The day was STUNNING. Seriously. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weather day to go to Boston.

The second we got to Boston and walked out of the parking garage, we got to the Boston Common Park where we stumbled right into a swan parade! It was so silly and fun and lovely, we walked with the swans (Romeo and Juliet) around the pond and watched them get released. Great start to the day.

Then we followed the Freedom Trail around Boston to see the sights. I love the old cemeteries. Got a great shot of a little bird on a gravestone:

Very old Death's Head stone:

Quincy market was fun! We ate shellfish and chili and listened to music. Nice times :)

We walked down to the water where we almost got hit by this hawk that was hunting a bird!! Then he hung around us for a long time, very cool.

Went to the Green Dragon tavern, where people in period dress were hanging out, also very cool!

Then to the Wilbur theater to wait in line for three hours so I could be up front to see 30 Seconds to Mars. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Jared was amazing, beautiful, charming and funny. Ahhhhhhh.

We were starving on the drive home (got home around 1:30 ish) and made the only good decision available in the whole rest stop: coffee and a banana :D Very proud of us for not getting a taquito or some crap. Still trying to take care!

Well, anyway, bad news.

While I was in line waiting for the show, I read an email that let me know I lost my summer teaching job due to low enrollment.


Immediately I was devastated. I've spent two months creating this class and making really awesome lectures and learning all the material.

For nothing. I won't get paid for it, no one will ever see it. Ugh.

I felt like it was IMMEDIATE karmic payment for being SO happy and content in the world. Like the universe could not possibly let me be up and riding high without throwing me to the ground and kicking a little.

After I got a little perspective, I realized the universe was not punishing me because I dared to get too happy.

Rather, it seems more like the universe gave me a perfectly beautiful, happy day so I could better deal with the disappointment of losing a job and the knowledge of how much time I have wasted. I was going to lose the job anyway, but something out there let it happen on a perfect day I had spent with the man I love to ease the blow.

I feel more protected than targeted.

I feel I was given joy so the sorrow is bearable.

The job hunt starts now, scrapping the lectures and getting to work on my dissertation. Life goes on, even over all the bumps.

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