Sunday, May 12, 2013

Can't believe this is my body!!

So I got lazy and didn't upload my hiking pics yet, which means my hiking post will be delayed till tomorrow!

Quick summary: getting out there despite the rain paid off- we had great views and lots of sun AND the mountains to ourselves because of the bad forecast :)

Stayed paleo and was super active and woke up loving my body, it's such a different and great feeling. I almost don't believe it's MY body, I've never had a conventionally "good" body, never a body to envy or desire. I've always felt so inferior. It's a mental game but I'm trying to do better and realize I've got a strong body I've earned and no one (myself included) can tell me different!

Not sucking in - Paleo TOTALLY works, reducing bloat!

Check back tomorrow for pictures of the coolest hiking dog ever :D

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