Friday, May 17, 2013

Eating when not hungry?

So, before I get to my topic of the day, I just wanted to update you on how last night went. I did NOT drink alcohol. I went to the bar with about 6 people, ordered seltzer with a splash of cranberry juice twice and sipped on them all evening. It was great! My hands and mouth were occupied and I never felt a desire to get an alcoholic drink instead. Beer is the enemy of my weight loss!

I did not eat paleo at the Greek place, but I ate smartly and put a lot of healthy fats and protein into me (olives, baba ghanoush, salad with oil, and I did eat a falafel as my main part of my meal, mmm).

Anyway, onto my question/topic:

From research, it seems the most common advice is to eat SOMETHING within an hour of waking up and to eat a generally well-rounded (good fats, good protein, nutritious) breakfast. Gets your metabolism working and keeps you from binging later in the day.

The past few days, I wake up completely NOT hungry. Not a bit. And I will go up to four or five hours before eating. I never get to that low blood sugar I-am-desperate-to-eat state. I just make food when I feel like it since I am home and have the ability to eat whenever I want.

Wondering if this is messing with my body and metabolism? Or if it is really no big deal?

Any thoughts?

Before I sign off for the day, wanted to share my lovely walk with Koda today (gosh, the weather is to DIE for!) that I took around 11 AM after running a ton of errands (got favors for the wedding, returned library books, got K9 Advantix for Koda - that stuff is EXPENSIVE, etc).

Koda will not take a good "selfie" with me :)

So I had to get him in the background!

Geese babies!!!

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