Thursday, May 30, 2013

From obesity to mountain climber - what it means to me.

So I wanted to write a post about what becoming a 46er means to me, because I talk about it a lot on this blog. It is a huge milestone in my life, not just an accomplishment, but signifies that I am a changed woman.

So, an Adirondack 46er is someone who has climbed all of New York's 46 official High Peaks. In order to be considered a High Peak, a mountain must be over 4000 feet (though later, more accurate measurement systems showed a couple of the peaks are just under 4000.. but due to tradition have remained on the list).

View of some of the High Peaks from Noonmark Mountain

When I was obese, I was even more of a dreamer than I am now. I used to imagine myself a cool, tough chick who was completely at home in the woods, capable of surviving on her own, strong and independent - a real bad ass, really! But in reality, I was overweight or obese (at different times), sitting at home - alone, eating, scared and sad and completely UNadventurous.

What a 180 degree turn.

I've hiked the most rugged, isolated and tough mountains in New York. Some of them several times. I am one of just over 7000 people to become a 46er. I am proud.

It took just under three years for me and Chris to hike all the mountains. They are about 2 to 2.5 hours away from us and often required two or three days off in a row to hike, so we were decently limited with the number of weekends we could get up there. And sometimes, we hiked mountains we had already done just to show our friends the places we loved!

We had a five year plan to become 46ers and we beat that by over two years :)

I am fit. I am strong. I am capable. I am doing all the things the younger, sadder me dreamed about.

Becoming a 46er marks a point in my life where this change is real and FOREVER.

I will NEVER be obese again. 

I lost the weight, yes. But I went through periods of starting to regain it. I think those periods are over. I've maintained between 125-129 for six months. I have created a lifestyle for myself that is sustainable for life. I have a community of active, awesome people to rely on (the 46ers organization) to keep me active.

Becoming a 46er encompasses so much for me - a new life, a new body, a new relationship (Chris and I really fell in love while hiking), a new outlook, a new strength, a new BELIEF in MYSELF.

The best thing I can recommend for those looking to lose weight or maintain is to find something on this earth you love to do that challenges you to be better than you were.

Namaste, friends <3

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