Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Some time ago, Chris and I were following the idea of "GOMBS" before we ever tried paleo. And it worked really well for us - got us eating very heathily and almost paleo-like before we even knew about paleo!


G- greens
O- onions
M- mushrooms
B- berries and beans
S- seeds and nuts

You can find out more about this here. But, basically, this guy, Dr. Fuhrman, developed the idea of this "anti-disease" diet that incorporates the above foods into your meals every day and made a silly little mnemonic device to remember them.

You are supposed to eat a certain amount of all of those foods every day to maintain optimal health and keep diseases at bay (the big scaries, like cancer).

And, no matter what science will prove or disprove about those foods being disease fighters, they are undeniably very healthy foods and great in your daily diet! Also, if you work hard to eat those foods every day (especially a lot of leafy greens), you won't have a ton of room left for junk ;)

I just happened to remember us following that little "diet" (though it was more of a guideline to help me and Chris get lots of nutritious foods into our bodies) and wanted to share it!

Today was great as far as eating:

Almond milk yogurt, chicken/egg/tomato omelette, one beef meatball with baba ghanoush, small sweet potato, turkey burger with tomato/avocado/pickles, acorn squash, 1/5 a mango, and a bit of chocolate. Ate within my "weight-loss" calorie goal and am pleased :)

Will update my weight tomorrow!

The skies are raging right now-- thunder, lightning and downpouring rain!

<3 till tomorrow!

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