Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I won't quit, I want more!

I just wanted to share with you a lyric from a song that reminds me totally of my fiance and his ability to push his body to the limit:

"My body tells me no but I won't quit because I want more!" - Young the Giant

I heard this song and automatically thought of Chris and what a bad-ass hiker he is.

And what a bad-ass hiker I am :) The hike this past weekend reminded me that I LOVE it and I'm good at it. It made me remember the Northville-Placid trail where Chris and I covered 120 miles in 10 days. How I've climbed 46 of NY's tallest mountains, many of them multiple times. It made me remember all those times I wanted to quit - and didn't.

Faced with my biggest fear, rock climbing a vertical wall with just a few cracks and handholds available, I wanted to quit so bad. But I did it.

My body trembling from exhaustion at the end of some really huge hiking weekends - Chris and I made it a point to hold our heads up and have big, huge smiles at the end.

It makes me look at my fitness goals, my weight goals, and even though they seem hard sometimes......

I won't quit this. I want more :)

I have a goal here. To have the best body I've ever had by my wedding. To be proud of myself as I stand up in the most expensive dress I'll ever own.

And I am so close. The new scale weighed me in at 126 this morning. Six pounds is a HUGE deal to lose when I am at this weight. When I was 198 - the first six pounds came off in about a week! But to go from 126 to 120 in two months? Errr.... it's doable! I won't let my body tell me no :)

Now, to meet my goal, I've got to be near perfect in my choices and behaviors. Yesterday was great and paleo and clean and moderate - all things I like. Today will be the same. Off to walk the dog and eat some eggs.

Love and Light to you!

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