Tuesday, May 28, 2013

List of non-GMO products

Just wanted to share this link with you all, because you know I am a big believer in eating CLEAN:


I truly believe there is a huge link between the use of chemicals, high processed foods, and refined flours/sugars and obesity and some pretty scary diseases (ie. cancer). Also, on the weight loss front, I believe that all the chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified foods really affect our metabolisms, hunger levels, and ADDICTION to food.

When I am eating really clean (no refined white sugars or refined white grains (or really any grains at all), no dairy (because organic, non-hormone dairy is too expensive), no meats that are fed meat, no meat with antibiotics or hormones, etc).... I can actually eat MORE food, because my body isn't horrified by the foreign material in my food. My metabolism works more efficiently and I have more energy in general.

Lots of people write off this type of eating as only for wealthy people or snobby people or people on their high horses about food....

But remember, I am an unemployed graduate student who has never made more than 15,000 dollars in a year. I do have a lot of support in my life, but I buy my own food, pay my own phone/utility/etc bills, pay my tuition, and still manage to have a few nice times all while buying really healthy food.

I refuse to support GMO foods, I stay away from Monsanto as best I can. I refuse to eat meat that is pumped full of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals. If I can't buy organic fruits/veg, I buy from the "clean 15." I also have an ethical side to it: I like to buy free range chicken eggs and grass-fed/pastured meat.

There are no excuses.

Stop putting chemicals into your bodies. It's killing all of us. And it's reducing our QUALITY of life.

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