Monday, May 13, 2013

My weekend: hiking, new scale, twitter

So, boring things first to get them out of the way. I got on twitter finally, just out of curiosity, and it's a strange beast. I'm going to give it a try. And though I don't share my facebook on my blog (or my blog on facebook), twitter is a different animal, so if you are on twitter, I am at

Next, I finally bought a new scale (I was using two kind of old ones, neither of which really weighed in any consistent manner). So now I have one, new scale which will be my new measuring stick. So I am weighing in at 127 this morning.... sigh. Combination of the new scale actually weighing me properly and the fact that I ate a really late dinner last night that included some definitively non-paleo food (potato and bread >.<).

Sorry I am a totally ass when it comes to doing the Whole30 this time around. It is much harder this time, I don't feel as supported for a bunch of reasons, I feel INSANELY more stressed, as well. My fat-girl behaviors just keep rearing their ugly head. Boo.

Will start this day with the same intentions I start every day and will work on maintaining vigilance to KEEP those promises to myself.

Back to better and happier topics!

So on Saturday, we were going on a hike come rain or not (friends from Long Island had a vacation and were coming up to hike with us, so we couldn't exactly reschedule). And the rain was definitely coming. But we soldiered on.

Seems like we always get rewarded when we head out into the world to hike, even if the forecast is bad. We only got rained on for about an hour of eight hours of hiking!! We also got some great views from the tops of the two mountains we hiked (Round Mountain and Noonmark). I will let the pictures tell the story:

First views!

Red Efts coming out :D

Koda finds water to play in right away, of course

Happy :D

Chris and Koda always having to be daredevils- makes me nervous!

I snapped this as Koda was jumping a crevasse, but he missed! He was slowly sliding back- I had to go over and grab his collar to help lift him up, aghhh, scary!

First Trillium flower - sure sign of spring in the ADK!

Panoramic from Noonmark

Koda getting his treat at the summit :)

Very happy!

View from Noonmark

Ahhh, man and dog

Great hike, great memories.

Namaste :)

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