Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No alcohol, more anxiety? Also the Whole 30 and farmer's market

Lots of topics today, lots whirling around in this little brain o' mine.

First, Alcohol:

Going strong on about a week and a half of no drinking alcohol.

Very proud of myself because drinking does me no favors metabolically. I rarely have just that one recommended glass of wine, anyway.. More often 2 - 4! Yikes.

But one thing that has been crystal freakish clear in this week and a half?? I can't fall asleep, stay asleep or get enough sleep. I am super anxious when I lay down quietly for sleep, thoughts plaguing me until I fall asleep out of exhaustion. When I do get to sleep with relative ease, I am woken by anxiety filled nightmares.


I realize that I was relying on alcohol to ease this anxiety (and the depression that still hurts me).

It was good to give it up for mental and physical health.

But, oh, I really, really miss it!

I know there are a number of natural products that can help me sleep and relax... Time to start looking into them since I do not want to rely in alcohol for this (its just so easy sometimes!).

Second, the Whole30:

Today officially starts the Whole30 (well, Whole23 for me, as I detailed in earlier posts)... I've been VERY paleo the past week to make up for the fact I wouldn't be doing the whole 30 days. In fact, I was downright 100% paleo... until yesterday.

My roommate brought home a bacon and garlic pizza. And I totally, completely threw all my plans out the window and downed a piece.


I was mature about it, though. Didn't go into a tailspin. Put it into my daily calories, ate a sensible dinner and DID NOT drink, eat the OTHER pizza at my friend's house that night or eat the chocolate dipped cookies someone else brought over.

Paleo. Thoughtfulness. Health.

I will be 100% paleo compliant today.... haven't eaten yet and it's 11 AM, yikes. Time to make eggs.

Lastly, the farmer's market:

So I was up early to return my dresses >.< they fit great and my body looked slamming in them but WOW, they were insanely cheap... Cheap materials and freaking SEE-THROUGH. An 80 dollar dress should be made of a better material. Annoyed.

Made my way to the downtown farmer's market to lift my spirits and get some lovely Whole30 approved foods. I got awesome local beef, tons of asparagus, apples and spinach. I love our local farmers, they rock.

I also love WHERE the farmer's market is. On a gorgeous day, it just makes me smile, so I will leave you with pictures:

Namaste, friends.

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