Thursday, May 23, 2013

Old temptations, being a good Samaritan and SHOES

Had to wake up early this morning to get my car inspected. And joy of joys, no work needs to be done! But, alas, the car place still has it's hidden costs in the form of DOUGHNUTS:

See those Boston Cremes on the right hand side? Those are my insane, insane weakness. To the point I will have to smoosh one into the garbage to avoid eating it. They were JUST LAYING THERE, so delectable. And it was early and they were fresh and I had a mini freak out.

I went to the bathroom, got some crappy free coffee and settled down to read my book for a half hour while waiting. 

Crisis averted. I've been eating SO, so, so, so well this week. Alcohol free. 100% paleo. I didn't need to do something like eat a chemical-filled, refined flour, white sugar junk-nut.

I came home to walk the dog and had a little adventure. There was a scraggly little dog running free (never happens in this area, not a place for roaming dogs). I ALMOST just turned a corner and kept walking Koda because I saw a pedestrian down the way and thought maybe she would deal with it. But my big softy animal-loving heart couldn't do it and I waited to see what would happen.

The lady just walked by the little guy. So I tied up Koda to a pole and called the dog over. He came, had a phone number but no address. I actually recruited the other pedestrian lady to help me walk both dogs back to my house (because neither of us had phones on us), put Koda in the house, called the dog's owner and then walked the little escapee home. THEN Koda got his walk. I was kind of tired after all the activity!

I am glad I did the right thing, was the good Samaritan, and put a little bit of good into the world. I don't want to be the type of person that sees something and says "Not my problem!"

It *IS* my problem, because a fellow human being would have been devastated if they lost their canine companion. It is my problem, because we should all help each other. My spirit feels a little lighter for making it my problem, even though it was definitely tough with the two dogs, haha :)

In other news, I went to the mall last night to find some wedding shoes. I found some awesome shoes I loved and they were only 40 dollars! So I did a LITTLE more shopping for ridiculous shoes :D :D

Here is what I got:

WEDDING SHOES, woo!! They are gold even though everything else I have is silver and I DON'T CARE. So sexy and fit amazingly, which is tough for me to find with my weirdo feet :D

Okay - silver high top sneakers. Hm. They fit SO well and are SO comfy. They are going to look so cute with short-shorts or leggings or skinny jeans. Perfect for my I AM NOT AN ADULT YET AND I AM GOING TO PARTY HARD moments!

Then some super sexy cork-board style heels that go well with a TON of my outfits. So excited to wear these out for date night .)

Alright. There's my word and picture vomit for the day. I'm kind of tweaking from caffeine and the humid dog walk. Going to do some yoga to chill out and finish up some projects.

Namaste <3

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