Friday, May 3, 2013

Paleo success, weigh in, first ever midriff-baring progress pics

So again and again, it's proven to me that eating paleo/primal WORKS for my body. It just does. Been 95% paleo for over a week and started the Whole30 two days ago. Signs it works for me:

Sign 1: my "wheat" rashes are gone!

- I call them wheat rashes, since when I am eating a lot of bread products (crackers, too, etc), I get these really awful itchy rashes on my legs. I had them for years and kind of just scratched and ignored them. Went paleo and poof- gone. I allowed wheat back into my life- rashes.

Sign 2: my energy is WAY up.

- I was sleeping almost 10 hours a night for the past few months (depression obviously plays a part, but so does crap eating). Woke up this morning with just under 8 hours feeling great. Getting a lot done :)

Sign 3: my weight is plummeting.

- I've been hanging around 128- 130 lbs since about end of October. Today weighed in at 123.8 (might be a little artificially low, but STILL, I haven't seen the scale less than 127.5 in five months.). Big change!


In honor of paleo kicking ass and taking names and me feeling pretty rockstar about my body right now, I decided I would finally post some pictures showing some skin. So many other women bravely do this throughout the weight loss process. I never could. I have a lot of shame.

But not today :)

Not sucking in here, that is some EARNED definition :D

I sometimes dream about wearing a bikini in public. And I know everyone will tell me to go for it - but the mental shame isn't really gone. I'd be so self-conscious the whole time, it's probably not worth it. But I really should wear a bikini just ONCE, so I can say I did :D

So, yeah, I love eating paleo. I love, love, love it. It is hard socially, it is harder during the winter (summer BBQs full of meat, veggies and fruit makes eating paleo socially a lot easier.... and winter local veggies leave a lot to be desired!). But it is worth it to LOVE my stupid body that I've been fighting my whole life.

Going to enjoy this beautiful freaking day and the coming beautiful days. Just look at this weather report!!! Perfection!!

Namaste, friends!

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