Monday, May 20, 2013

Secrets to a great roast chicken dinner ;)

I am very lucky to have Chris around when we are roasting meat- he is very good at it and getting better every year! We've roasted a lot of chickens in the four-ish years we've been together and last night was definitely the best. Super flavorful, really tender and juicy... perfect!

He always says the secret is to roast the bird low and slowwwww (which is why he is the good cook in this regard, I am often impatient waiting for things to cook, heh).

We also put the chicken on a bed of delicious root veggies and apples, which cook in the chicken's juices and get really tender and lovely. This time we used what we had around - just sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and apples. Usually when we plan ahead, we will throw in some other veggie like parsnip.

Chris is also really good at using herbs on the veggies and chicken (he sometimes shoves sprigs of rosemary under the chicken skin, mmm! or he slits the meat a little to get the spices into the meat). This you can use whatever herbs and spices YOU love.

We ate a hearty dinner last night and have tons of leftovers for the week - this is why that 80 dollars at the grocery store goes so far. We have enough for dinners, lunches and breakfast AND we always have leftovers from dinner (the roast chicken especially makes a lot of leftovers). The food goes really far if you are buying good food, are mindful of prices, and eat sensibly - meaning if you buy junk and binge on it, the money isn't going to go very far.

I used to spend a lot of money on food when I was obese - I would get a fourth meal at a fast food place or buy a bag of Doritos to polish off in a night. Food costs were ridiculous. Buying eggs, meat, veg and fruit is really affordable in comparison.

Off to walk the dog, hoping to hear about possible jobs, continue address my wedding invites, etc, etc...

Have a beautiful day <3

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