Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Social obligations, wine calories

This week is full of them! And I want to stay accountable and make good choices, so I'm putting it out there:

Tomorrow: we are making dinner for friends - good because we will be serving pork, coleslaw (made *our* way, not drenched in mayo), and roasted sweet potatoes.

Thursday: dinner out with another friend who also lost her summer job teaching - will rely on the fact that no matter where we go, I can order a salad with chicken and get dressing on the side.

Friday: "Girl's Night" - this is a toughie because all my girlfriends are getting together to drink wine and sing karaoke at my friend's house. I don't want to drink wine for my health - but I am going to be sorely tempted, surrounded by drinking people (and I won't be able to sing in front of them if I am sober!)

Saturday: A wedding that is going to be kind of weird and stuffy and it's local - a lot of our friends are planning to drink hard and take cabs home. Hm. Another time when I am going to be awfully tempted to over-drink.

The drinking is a tough one for me.

It's been good for three weeks now, laying off the drinking. I've felt so much better.

But I haven't been as tempted as I am going to be these coming days. I will definitely not drink tomorrow, that's absolutely certain. I will conquer that and move on from there.

I will just look at this to remember what I am doing to my body... that just because it's a drink doesn't mean its not full of calories, sugar and potentially bad mornings!

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