Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The No Alcohol Rule (and pics)

Or the... Reduce the Hell Out of Your Alcohol Consumption Rule!

I always knew, but tried not to acknowledge, the fact that I could not consume more than a couple glasses of wine a week if I had any hope of maintaining the lower weight I wanted. I could easily maintain at 135 and have lots of drinks during the week. But I wanted to get rid of the slight belly, the chunky thighs, the bigger arms. I lost 70 pounds to start with... why not finish the job and have a really slamming body in my 30s?? I know it IS possible to get to the low 120s, eating has to be super clean and alcohol has to be super rare, though.

I've been doing SO well on the alcohol rule (even though I've been slipping up on the Whole30).

For example, Memorial Day weekend - Chris and I went out for dinner on Friday night, he had a beer or two and I had water. Saturday - I did not go to the lodge near our lean-to for beers and dinner, but stayed in the lean-to and had a lara bar, banana and water. Sunday - it was the banquet and I had some cranberry and vodka drinks. Monday - we ate out at a pub after our hike, Chris had a beer or two and I had water.

So 3 out of 4 chances to drink, I declined! Even though Chris did have a drink those times (it doesn't affect him or his weight as much as mine), I didn't give in to the momentary pleasure I knew having a drink would give me :)

There will be one more glass of wine in my future this week, but that is it. It's a HUGE improvement from what I have been doing the past 6-7 months (drinking myself stupid to forget about my stress and depression and anxiety).

I can live this way long term. And that's important to me. I know I will never completely stop drinking for any extended period of time (I just plain don't want to. Having a month or two of complete sobriety every year would be good for me, to remind me that I don't *need* to drink). But a glass of wine or two a week is fine, not hurtful to my long term health or weight loss or anything.

So, yay :) Just thought I'd keep you all updated on how the alcohol thing is going! Still weighing in at 127... it will take a few days of eating strict paleo to get back to 126/125.

Thought I would leave you with a few pictures from the NICE camera from my hike this weekend:

This is actually the day before, Chris is holding an umbrella over us here :)

My favorite Adirondack flower: painted trillium

Bridge over the swamp!

SNAKE - he scared me :)

Snow starting in lower altitudes than we anticipated!

Avalanche Lake

Marcy Dam

One of Chris' favorite spots on the trail

Leaving you with another trillium <3


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