Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things I Love and Stuff I Eat

Yesterday was a good, busy day. Babysitting was actually fun, I don't hang around little kids a lot anymore. Still *pretty* sure I want one of my own!

Anyway, even though yesterday threw my schedule (both food and exercise - wise) way off, I did really well. Great paleo breakfast, lunch (shown below), and dinner and a snack of pitted dates (too much like candy, whoa).

As the title says, here are some pictures of things I love and stuff I ate:

Really, really addicted to seltzer.... and the new flavors!
Seltzer has definitely become a vice for me... trying to hydrate while satisfying the need for a little sweet flavor! Love the bubbles, too :)

Egg/egg white, 1/4 avocado and 1/3 sweet potato, mm!

Walter the Cat wanting some belly rubs - it kills me

Lunch was a light Indian curry cabbage slaw (amazing), tomato and a turkey burger!

Loving my sweet little homey kitchen :)

Annnnnnd another picture of Walter, because he's awesome!

Very simple but delicious food throughout the day. Eating healthy is NOT hard, is it NOT expensive (I buy stuff seasonally and on sale), and it IS totally delicious.

No excuses - not for me and not for you :)

Dinner was pulled pork, homemade coleslaw (Chris makes a great version that is super tasty and not heavy on the dressing), and mashed sweet potatoes. My friend brought over fudge, which I did eat >.< So not a PERFECT day, but a great day. I eat MOST of the time like is shown in the pictures, which is why I AM maintaining a low weight, despite some of the mistakes I make.

Still weighing in at 126 this morning, which is a good weight for me, though I want to have it lower for the summer and my wedding - and I know it WOULD be lower if I could stop doing thing like eating fudge that wasn't in my day's plan.

Battle tonight: going to a Greek place with a friend and I will have to NOT eat the pita or hummus or falafel (mmm, I love Greek food) in order to stay paleo. Had no drinks last night and will not tonight, either!

Have a great day,

Namaste <3

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