Friday, May 24, 2013

Water in Scrambled Eggs

Last post before the weekend! I might be able to have internet occasionally on my little weekend trip, as they do have WiFi in Lake Placid and a little bit out at the main lodge that caretakes for the lean-to we will be sleeping in. BUT, if the weather is awesome, I might not post at all because I will be too busy enjoying the hell out of the Adirondacks :D There is a chance of snow or rain, though, so I might be requiring some inside time.

I have two nice dinners scheduled this weekend out - one romantic one with Chris and one banquet-type meal in honor of becoming 46ers. I don't plan to overdo it at EITHER dinner, as I weighed in this morning at 126 and I am eager to come home lighter on Tuesday!

The rest of the weekend besides those dinners will be mostly hiking food - hard boiled eggs, lara bars, paleo bread with sunflower butter and the like. Nothing very tempting and I will only eat as much as I need to keep hiking!

So, onto the title of this post:

I was talking to a friend who was interested in going paleo and she asked how I prepared my eggs in the morning. I said I usually just fry them on a lightly oiled skillet or scramble them up, without milk to make them fluffy.

She said, "I know a better way!" and told me that a chef friend of hers had taught her to add a little bit of water to her eggs and whisk them up good and that's how they get that nice, fluffy texture.

I tried it with my eggs this week and it totally works!!! Lovely eggs for breakfast all week! :)

Growing up, we always used to add milk to our scrambled eggs (whole milk, bleeeech). It's nice to get the same kind of big, fluffy, pretty eggs with good old tap water. Just thought I'd share the tip in case someone else out there didn't know. It was a revelation to me!!

So, in parting, I will say: enjoy nature and your family/friends this holiday weekend!! Enjoy the food you eat (I know I will!) but don't overindulge (I will try VERY hard not to!). Stay active and let's get awesome.

Namaste <3

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