Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend wrap-up: hiking, rain/snow, eating and weight

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend and made the most of it - laughed a lot, spent time with people you love, and made progress in some way! I lost a bunch of followers this weekend, haha! Sorry for not posting??? :D I truly have a great excuse... I was holed up in a lean-to for three days because of the rain! Did a LOT more sitting around than I intended to this weekend.

Basic run-down of my weekend:

Friday: Get to the High Peaks and run to lean-to with all our stuff in the rain. Sleep.

Saturday: 5 hours of trail work in the morning in the pouring rain (AND SNOW!). Lay in lean-to for rest of day reading.

Sunday: Rain. Go into Lake Placid for lunch, window shopping IN THE RAIN, go to banquet to get my certificate.

Monday: SUN! Sunny sunshine!!! Go on ten mile hike (two miles of that in the freaking SNOW!). Eat in Lake Placid. Drive home.

I am still weighing in at 127 because I didn't get to do all the hiking we had originally planned on. Saturday and Sunday were both going to have nice hikes. And basically sat around, waiting for the rain to stop, eating non-Paleo things at the banquet and for breakfast.

Now I have a month to lose 7 pounds. Hahahahahahahahaha. I realize that is not going to happen. I will just do what I can. Be whatever weight I am in a month for my dress fitting and try to be happy with it. I know I am not overweight. I just wanted to be better. But I'm not ashamed of my body, not by far.

Leaving you with some pictures I snapped with my phone over the weekend. I got to bring my nice camera on the hike on Monday, and will upload the pictures later, along with a post I am mentally writing about how it feels to go from obesity to an Adirondack 46er!

This is a picture of SNOW on Whiteface Mountain.... snow in May.

Was SUPER amped that the lodge where we ate breakfast had HFCS-free ketchup!


View of the High Peaks at night from the Crowne Plaza (where we did NOT stay, agh!)

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