Friday, May 10, 2013

Weigh in, stressed but fighting it

Been a tough week, but the past year has taught me to just keep chugging on, because eventually things are going to get better and I should be in good shape (mentally and physically) to fully take advantage of those opportunities.

I weighed in today, as promised, not knowing whether to expect good or bad news....

And it's good!

125.5 :)

I was weighing in at 123.8 early last week, but that was a momentary low. This is the real low. Been around 125 for about a week, which is awesome, since for most of this year, I've been between 127 and 130. Slowly getting back to a good place.

Not drinking wine every time I see my friends is a good thing (I see them 3 - 4 times a week and would drink 2 - 4 glasses every time. Um, not good.).

Being more paleo than I have been in 6 months, also a good thing (I've strayed more on this Whole30 than when I did it last year, but still am making big improvements in my diet).

Ate great yesterday. Usual breakfast of sweet potatoes and eggs, an awesome fruit and almond milk yogurt smoothie for lunch, and ground turkey/veggies/more sweet potatoes for dinner. I wasn't super hungry yesterday. Eating good fuel will do that :)

Today also started off well: veggies and eggs for breakfast and will be eating leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch.

I am a little (ahem, a lot) stressed out right now, but the good food is helping. So is walking my awesome dog in the beautiful weather, see picture below:

How could that not brighten my spirits????

Staying on plan. Still well on track to be around 120-122 pounds by July 7th, so that makes me happy. Health and weight are under control, now just to tackle the rest of my life :D


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