Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weigh in, yearly check in

Yesterday I was at 127.5, today 127.2... haha, it's progress in the right direction :)

I earned the higher weight, now I have to earn the lower one! It just takes longer to lose than to gain. I indulged for less than a few hours, total, and my weight jumped 4-5 pounds >.< Now onto the couple of weeks to lose it again!

Shame faced?

Nah :) Maybe Koda is looking a little sheepish, but I'm over it! I'm still under 130 which I have been FOR OVER A YEAR!! I got under 130 last year when I did the Whole30 and I haven't gone over it since. That is ... huge. So even though I have had fluctuations from 122-129 over this year, I haven't lost sight of the big goal - that I like my body a lot better under 130 and I deserve to take care of myself to stay there.

However, I also like my body a LOT better at 122 than 129. But it took years of self exploration and struggles to figure out how to eat like a person under 130 pounds... it will probably take me a little bit to figure out the rest of it.

This morning - egg, egg whites, half a sweet potato and salsa :)

I will drink an iced coffee (just my coffee and flax milk and ice) while babysitting this morning.

Start me off right, get to my goals. That's the plan.


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