Friday, May 31, 2013

Your Food Is Changing Who YOU Are

You might be eating Genetically modified food and not even know it! GMOs were "found" on an Oregon wheat farm:

It says something to me that a whole country reacts to this by shutting down imports. They don't want to feed their people GMOs. Here I sit, wondering why our government isn't protecting us in the same way. In fact, our government is voting AGAINST labels letting the consumer know if foods are genetically modified or not, even though a majority of consumers would like those labels.

I don't know too many people, when faced with a GMO watermelon and a regular watermelon, would eagerly go for the GMO one.

Here is an article describing research that shows we are taking in the genetic CODE of these organisms when we eat them and its irrevocably changing OUR genetic makeup:

Very Real Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

"New research shows that when we eat we're consuming more than just vitamins and protein. Our bodies are absorbing information, or microRNA."

Scary. Scary stuff.

We are humans of this earth. And if you don't believe in evolution, well, I don't have much to say to you. But we co-evolved on this earth, with all it's animals and plants and ecosystems, and the foods that occur naturally on this earth are the foods that we are meant to eat. What we put into our mouths and our bodies can fuel/sustain/heal us OR hurt us. Food is the best preventative measure.

There was a march against Monsanto recently in the States, similar to the one that happened in March. Monsanto is an agriculture giant that is doing WHATEVER-the-fuck they want to our food, changing who we are at a very base level.

In this article about the marches and GMOs, March Against Monsanto, "David Murphy, founder of Food Democracy Now!, claims that 70 percent of the processed foods we eat contain genetically engineered foods and chemical weedkillers."

Now, whether that claim is true or not (70% seems scarily high, I am hoping it is exaggerated).

My answer to this problem???

Don't eat processed foods.


No little debbies, no ho-hos, no reese's cups, no snickers, no doritos, no special K, no frosted flakes, no McDonald's, no Burger King, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. NOTHING, none of it.

I'm firm on this in my own life. At my lowest and in my depression, I fell back into eating some processed foods at social events and I could FEEL the difference in my body, the lethargy, the inflammation, the disease (but I was so depressed I didn't really care).

I care now.

We buy organic as often as possible, sticking to the Clean 15 when we can't. We buy local and from trusted farmers. We frequent our co-op. I won't support the big business of food.

I will continue to make posts like this from time to time, to hope that I can help inform just one other person. Information is our weapon. If we won't stand for this, if we let our MONEY do the talking, companies like Monsanto will have to give in.

Fuel yourselves well today,


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