Sunday, June 9, 2013

After hike brunch

Koda woke us up at 5:30 AM this morning, in a lean-to miles into the woods- it was adorable and aggravating!! He woke us up with doggy kisses, so I forgave him :)

But it meant we hiked out by 8 AM and were back to Albany by 10... So we decided to go to a brunch our friends were having at noon.

And it was definitely a test - raspberry lemon muffins,Nutella crepes, rhubarb crumble, cheese soufflé, etc. Also mimosas (a weakness!).

I had two pieces of bacon, about four cups of salad, local strawberries and a tiny bite of the rhubarb crumble. No alcohol, just coffee!

Total win. Normal lunch. I'm trying to get back to being social and not pigging out. Not eating crap just because everyone else is.

This was the salad I brought, it had mango, avocado, and red peppers!

Will be back tomorrow with a more cohesive post and hiking pics :)


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