Friday, June 21, 2013

First run in a year!

I think I've been decently vocal about my dislike of running. It's just not for me. I've got short legs. Running hurts my hips and knees if I do it too much. It's usually pretty boring for me.


Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day here in the Capital Region and I was dog-less (Koda went to a day of socialization and obedience training). One of my friends posted a picture of herself running in the area and I don't know what came over me, but I decided to go on a run for the first time in over a year.

I will do anything to get cardio any other way than running, usually (rowing, hiking, jump rope, whatever!), but I just felt the need to head outside and run around and see the world.

Threw on my headphones (ahhh old Loveline episodes, how fun!), my vibrams, tank top and shorts and off I went with very little fuss.

These pictures are post workout:

I ran just over two miles without stopping to walk. Not too bad for someone who is insanely out of practice! I felt good, strong, fit and LIGHT (wow those ten pounds I dropped last year make a huge difference). It's nice to know I am still in good enough shape to go running whenever I damn well please.

Big proponent here that running is not the be all and end all exercise (though props to you long distance runners out there!) - you can do a TON of different stuff for cardio and strength and not lose the ability to run. I would dare say strength training would make you a better runner! So if you hate running, don't force yourself to do it all the time (but I think I will start running a few times a month just to make sure I never lose the ABILITY to do it). I sometimes read blogs or see people out on the street who are absolutely miserable with their runs - I don't get it. Do exercise you love. If you love running, run your heart out. If you don't, mix it up!

Anyway, after my run, I walked a few extra blocks to the local organic coffee shop, got myself a coffee with a few drops of honey as a treat, and then walked the ten minutes home, sipping on my coffee and enjoying the sunshine.

The whole deal took less than an hour (more like 40 minutes including the coffee nice times) and I felt energized and happy (might be the coffee as much as the run, though!).

Feeling sore and great this morning, walked off the stiffness in my calves (I'm a toe runner!) and thighs by taking an early morning walk with Koda today :) We have another one scheduled later to make sure he is tired out for the car trip to the cabin this weekend.

Get out there any chance you get folks. You won't regret it!!!

Peace and Love to You! If I don't update again till Sunday (since I will be living it up with 30 friends at a cabin in the woods hehe), have a great weekend <3

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