Monday, June 10, 2013

Holy Non-Paleo Temptations, Batman!

First off, I'll start the post with saying I am weighing in at 125.6 and pretty excited about it! My wedding dress fitting is in just under a month and though I know I won't hit my goal of weighing 120, I know I will be pretty damned close, so I am happy about that. Feeling pretty awesome after a week AND a weekend of eating paleo, staying within my caloric range and being active :)

So... the temptations.

I detailed the temptations at the brunch yesterday (that I DO agree, Sandra, the thought of what those refined flours and refined sugars would do to my stomach and body really were the biggest help in turning them away): nutella filled crepes, raspberry lemon muffins, crumpets, biscuits, cheese souffle, bagels, etc.

Then I went to watch the Game of Thrones finale at a friend's house. Now this friend is doing the Whole30 right now, so I thought I was pretty safe from temptations. Ahem. Nope.

Problem 1: Her boyfriend is NOT doing the Whole30 and is, in fact, kind of teasing her with all the junk he can eat and tempts her with it a lot. I love this guy as my friend dearly, but I felt *horrible* for the struggles she is going through. I had so much support from Chris during the Whole30 and even now, when he's not eating strict paleo, he is totally on my team.

Problem 2: It was a friend's birthday, as well, and he brought eggplant Parmesan and garlic bread to celebrate. There were also THREE cakes: cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate cup ice cream cake, and three layer red velvet cake. Damn.

Well, it was easy not to eat the eggplant Parmesan. It reminded me of a blog post I had read in the past where someone talked about how eating some eggplant parm was more important than living a long life, basically. Easy choice for me.

But those cakes - I love how they ALL taste.

But for my friend and for MYSELF, I sat in the other room, eating the berries that were brought to go on top of the cheesecake, and doing my best to just chat with my paleo friend and ignore the gorgefest that was going on in the other room.

I felt insane yesterday, like I was living in a twilight zone where life is nothing but EATING MOAR FOODS!!

This past weekend was definitely a weekend focused around eating and drinking for most of my friends. I was glad we got away to the woods for most of it so I didn't get caught up in the insanity. Instead, I played in the forest with my fiance and my dog, read an awesome book next to a river, and felt really calm and pleased with life.

I felt bad for my friend, though :( She is definitely fighting her way upstream to a healthier life. I am reaching out as much as I can to offer support.

Running late into my morning so I can't post the hiking pictures (I haven't even seen them yet, so I don't know if there is anything worth showing, haha), but I will soon!

Resist that temptation, friends!

Namaste :)

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