Friday, June 14, 2013

Importance of a Supportive Partner

Reading a lot of blogs lately that mention how hard it is to eat right when a partner either A) is eating junk on their own B) bringing junk into the house C) actively encouraging the other to eat junk with them.

One of my dear friends, who is a lovely man, did something that horrified me the other day (I briefly mentioned it on my blog). His girlfriend is eating paleo this month and struggling with it. He walked into the room where we were trying to avoid the smorgasbord in the dining room with a piece of red velvet cake WITH A PIECE OF MELTED PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM CAKE frosted over top - he was proud of his treat and was showing it off to his girl.

If my fiance did that to me, well, he might end up with that cake all over his face.

Thankfully, not only does Chris try not to indulge in junk when I am around (and even when I'm not!), he would never dream of making sure I knew there was junk food being enjoyed around me. He might have wanted cake that night, but he joined the ranks of those abstaining to A) feel good HIMSELF and B) make abstaining easier for the rest of us.

I couldn't be more grateful.

I know I wouldn't be where I am if he didn't stand by my side. He not only encourages me to eat well but has made it important in HIS life, as well. Now, because he finds it important, there is absolutely NO arguing or misunderstandings about food.

I really think couples who are struggling with this need to have some deep heart-to-heart talks. This isn't just about vanity. This is about life - long life and quality of life. I've lost TOO many people in my life who didn't take care of themselves, who put poison into their bodies (cigarettes or food).

I met Chris, I fell in love, and I became terrified of losing him.

I want us both to do everything in OUR power to give ourselves a chance at a healthy, happy, long life. It might be taken away by forces not in our control, but if that happens - I won't feel guilty or bad because I know we tried. We loved each other and ourselves enough to try for that life.

It was actually a genuine heartfelt talk like that that convinced Chris to stop smoking cigs. The talk wasn't about the cigarettes (and the talk shouldn't be ABOUT junk food), it was about my fear of losing him too early. That I wanted more for us.

It's something to think about and to work towards. Some of the most successful weight loss bloggers I've seen have pretty awesome partners (or if they are single, they have great support networks). It CAN be done on your own - but why make it so much harder?

Also, I wanted to share this awesome resource about WHY it's important to eat organic (more nutritious, safer, free of additives/pesticides) and how to do it on a budget:

Namaste, friends!!

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