Thursday, June 20, 2013

In case you don't read the comments:

I wanted to share a comment I got from yesterday, because it sums up my feelings about eating paleo (or generally just eating healthy) very well!

I know I don't always read the comments to the blogs I read, unless I am leaving a comment or the topic is of particular interest to me. But I got a great comment from Norma yesterday and I wanted to share it (if you can't tell from how much I link to Norma, I think she's pretty awesome and you should really go read a couple weeks worth of her blog posts):

This is what people need to know about a clean/Primal/Paleo lifestyle, exactly: they don't need a collection of cookbooks and complicated recipes and exotic ingredients. They also don't get to eat two pounds of steak in a setting. You get your proteins: eggs, fish, poultry, beef, pork -- whatever you prefer, the best quality you can afford. You cook it simply: salt, pepper, a few herbs or spices of your a good quality olive oil, coconut oil, or just grilled or roasted in the oven. You get all the veggies you love, eat them raw or steam them or grill them. You throw in a fruit or two here and there; some nuts or nut butter here and there. And you drink water. You eat when you're hungry and you stop when you're full. NO BRAINER. People who are determined to make a big project out of "going Paleo" seem, without exception, to view it as yet another temporary "quick fix" during which they are going to be "deprived" of cheese and candy -- and are, hence, doomed to fail. When eating good quality whole foods in proper portions, prepared simply, becomes your way of life (as it has for you, and for me, 95% of the time) it becomes insanely easy to eat for health. 

Love it. She said exactly what I think about this.

Stop making eating well complicated, whether you are eating paleo or not.

You know a whole food when you see one. You know processed junk when you see it. Eat one, not the other.

Cook those whole foods simple, with good oils and all the herbs/spices you want. Same for the veggies. Or eat them raw. Whatever. Simple. 

Give your body fuel to live your life.

In other news: my calorie counter app on my iPhone wouldn't work yesterday! Argh! I like to keep a general tally for the day so I don't go crazy. Especially right now when I am trying to actively lose weight.


Keeping to my own rule of keeping it simple and easy- I just ate the same thing I ate the day before, and the day before that. I eat the same breakfasts, lunches, snacks and a variation on the same dinner almost every day.

So no big deal about the app failing. Just kept on keeping on. Weighed in a little heavier this morning, 124.2, but that's life! 

In other news, look at my haul from berry picking yesterday (so excited to have fresh berries as dessert!):

Namaste. Stay bright.

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