Monday, June 24, 2013

Little fail and lots of awesome!

So before I get to the fails, I will let you know that I am so completely happy and sated and relaxed after this weekend.

I spent it at a gorgeous cabin in the Catskills (in PERFECT weather) with more than a dozen of my friends and most loved people in the world. That fact alone would be enough. But it was also an awesome party, the kind where you stay up till the morning and lose your voice a little from talking and laughing too much. It was also the first time Koda has been to a big, crazy party and he made lots of new friends by being a silly, playful, energetic, crazy puppy.

Seriously - I fell even more in love with everyone in my life: Chris, Koda, and all my friends.

Here's some pictures to let you get a glimpse of the nice times:

I wanted to eat paleo, and I did succeed for the most part - burger without the bun, pulled pork, fruit. But I got drunk Saturday during the day and definitely ate way too many corn chips. They are a total weakness for me - crunchy, salty, satisfying. I loved it at the time, but regret it now because the indulgences in alcohol and chips put me back up to 125 this morning.

I made the mistake of drinking beer on Friday night - I should stay away from beer because it's made with wheat, but damn if a Belgian white beer isn't one of my favorite beverages in the world.

On Saturday, I drank some vodka drinks in the afternoon but stopped before the evening time and decided to abstain from alcohol for the night (had a realization I had already had more drinks than I should and didn't want to COMPLETELY ruin my body). I was pretty proud of myself, especially since I stayed awake till after 4 AM and didn't drink anything.

I am sure after Sunday's detox and getting back to regular scheduled programming for a few days that that number will be back down. But - urg, you know? Still not perfect here, still not making all the best decisions.


So you don't think I am all doom and gloom, I am still at 125 or under and I am LOVING my body. I felt strong and capable after my run last week. I got lots of compliments that I looked good this weekend - compliments on my arm muscles or that I look small. I also got compliments on my awesome outfit for the late night sequin dance party, hehe, I wore a silver shirt completely covered in sequins, black leggings, and silver high top sneakers (shown in the last picture above). Totally awesome.

So I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Stay paleo 95% or more of the time. Drink only once a week (or less, ideally). Keep up yoga, strength training, rowing and occasional runs. And stay in love with my body :)

I still need to learn to control myself a little better in these weekend party atmospheres but all the hard work and good habits I've been practicing are paying off - I am still at a great weight, still strong, still happy.

Back to the grind this morning - had a coconut milk yogurt and am about to head out for another jog and will use my rowing machine afterwards!

Much love, my friends! Namaste <3

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