Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy day ramblings

Well. Another rainy day here in the capital of NY. Seriously, June has been crazy with rain. So was May. Guessing we won't be having drought problems up here this year!

So I am hunkering down with the dog for a while, neither of us feeling up to heading out for his walk (seriously, he is curled up in his favorite recliner with his blankets and sleeping hard - he didn't rouse all morning!).

I'm okay with that! I took him on a nice long walk yesterday, he is calm (for now). And I am at peace with my levels of activity: I walked over 6 miles yesterday - did the dog walk and walked to and from a friend's house. Did my yoga yesterday. Also dragged a bunch of crap up from the basement for our garage sale (my arms were burning after I dragged an almost 100 pound punching bag up!).

Slow and steady weight loss is happening - which is all I can ask for since I am already at a low weight. I am at 124.2 this morning, hoping I will see 123 on the scale before the week is out! I might, might, might make my goal of 120/121 for my dress fitting.

I am SO THRILLED that I will be at my healthiest/smallest/best for my wedding. I will be at a weight I haven't been at since I was maybe in eighth grade (or younger?)! And it will be because I am eating whole, clean foods, not emotionally eating, and keeping my butt moving.

I've had unhealthy weight loss in the past (my early 20s) - this isn't that!

It's been ALMOST a decade of learning about weight loss. I am glad I progressed from those early years - where I thought I could eat anything in moderation, if it fit into my calories. I put so much processed junk in those years. Went through binge cycles that would get triggered by eating too much sugar, followed by obsessive exercise cycles to get back in control.

Weight loss now feels like a straight path - I do the same things every day, basically, with a little variety on food types. Once in a while I will eat out or have a drink (but that has become exceedingly rare!) and, since it is so rare, it doesn't affect my weight. I like that.

I don't know that I will get out for a walk this morning, so I will do a strength workout made up mostly of planks, weighted squats, lunges, and other body weight exercises. Finish up with a little yoga and then get back to the garage sale organizing!

Started the morning with an egg, egg white, and half a sweet potato.

Just another day in the life :)

Sorry for the boring, rambling, rainy day post - but it's dark out and the rain is falling and I am lulled almost into a place of hypnosis!

I will leave you with a picture from our camping trip, Chris and I in a lean-to, with our dog snuggled behind us on his own sleeping bag :)

Namaste <3

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