Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The dress fantasy :)

Had a great weigh in this morning! I am happy because I have been trying VERY hard to be mindful about my food. I went off paleo a little bit this weekend (I ate sushi on Friday - 2 rolls, and I had a beer after the garage sale) but fit everything into my calories. I've stayed insanely active, been doing my yoga and short strength workouts, walking the dog, having the sale, babysitting a toddler.

I've been attempting to lose this weight while not taking any extreme measures - I want to keep this weight off and live this life till my last day! The only thing I will do after the weight is gone is not keep to the 1600 calorie range I've been keeping to - I will probably up it to more like 1800 to maintain weight. So that basically means that I will eat exactly the same I am eating now, except I will have an extra small snack throughout the day.

Easy enough!

Well, I haven't mentioned my weigh in, haha :) I weighed in at 123.6 PRE-bathroom times and after drinking some water.

/does a little happy dance/

I still have two weeks till my dress fitting too :) I want so badly to feel like a beautiful woman when I stand up on that platform and have the seamstress fuss over the dress. I want to fall into that fantasy completely and not let self-esteem issues rip me out of it.

Seriously - I have a bit of a princess dress, I am getting married in a stone church and having a reception in a rustic, wooden hall. I read a LOT of fantasy books. I want to feel like a maiden in a fantasy world going to meet her knight ;) I know without a doubt that my marriage is going to be happy and strong (he's the most right guy for me in the world) and now I am focusing on wanting this wedding to fulfill all my little girl dreams.

I'm so happy I am in the place I am right now!

I canNOT push the idea of clean eating enough. (I will also recommend TRYING paleo, but I wouldn't push that way of eating on someone - it just so happened to be the right way to eat for me). But clean eating? It will work for everyone.

Get those chemicals and preservatives and pesticides and completely foreign crap out of your bodies - you will see your bodies change for the better.

They will be more energetic. More efficient. Stronger. Healthier. Skin will clear. Stomach problems will lessen. Headaches will ease.

Taking all the processed foods and heavily pesticide-d foods (the dirty dozen) out of my diet helps me to get to the weight I want to be at. My body isn't fighting those foreign, dangerous substances and can devote all it's energy to the important things.

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