Saturday, July 27, 2013


Just a quick share as I get ready for my little road trip to my friend's wedding this weekend:

Weighed in at 121.0 this morning

/does a little dance/

All this super clean, paleo, moderate eating with no alcohol? Paying off.

Lowest adult weight - ever. Ever. I must have been a pre-teen when I weighed that (and a chubby one at that - I was pretty short).

I am LOVING my body. I feel little but strong. All my muscles I've done so many push ups and squats and hiking and crunches, etc for? I can see them!!!

Also, I realized that if I get down to 119, I will have lost exactly 40% of my body weight from my highest weight (198). That kind of delights me. Two more pounds to go!

I imagine I will weigh a little more after this weekend, but seeing such a low weight gives me LOTS of motivation to behave myself at the wedding. I will have a few drinks, but stay as paleo as possible with the meal and appetizers. And I will only eat the cake if it's a flavor I looooove (meaning if it is chocolate cake - NOPE. I am a weirdo who loves chocolate but hates chocolate cake!).

Will let you know how everything goes with my "friend" on this little trip and how my eating went when I get back :)

Namaste <3

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