Friday, July 5, 2013

Check In after the Fourth!

So I know a lot of people out there end up having a lot of regrets after a holiday - especially a holiday that is focused around food/eating. The Fourth usually means BBQs and treats for people. A day of drinking, being outside (hopefully swimming or running around!), eating grilled meats with all the trimmings, cookies, etc, and fireworks.

I am proud to say I have NO regrets.

My Fourth (instead of hanging around Albany and going to a 8 hour BBQ party):

- wake up, eat eggs with ground turkey and veggies with Chris

- drive up to the Adirondacks

- bring Koda to meet Chris' family: parents, sister and in law, AND their dog (it went VERY well, Koda was very well behaved and even a little charming)

- take Koda on a 7 mile hike that included letting him swim in FOUR different lakes (happy dog)

- eat sweet potatoes, quinoa, banana and veggie slaws for fuel!

- back to hang out with the family and I did drink a beer (my holiday "treat")

- go to big family BBQ for a couple hours - Chris and I did REALLY well here and we each ate a burger and sausage and veggies. I didn't drink anything else.

- bring Koda to ANOTHER lake (the big one with waves!) and let him FREAK OUT WITH UTTER AND PURE JOY - he was bellyflopping off the dock, diving into the waves, swimming in circles, splashing, etc. So fun!

- drive home with Chris and Koda - actually get something very not clean at a gas station, a gatorade-like drink because it turns out I was a little dehydrated on this hot and humid day, yikes!

So maybe my regret would be I didn't drink enough water. But otherwise, I had an amazing holiday that didn't focus on food. I focused on my dog, my new family, the beautiful place I was :D

Fun tidbit: While Koda was swimming in the lake, I soooo badly wanted to go with him but didn't have my bathing suit. The water was warm and Koda was having so much fun! So I stripped down to my underwear and jumped on in! I might never wear a bikini around the beach, but it felt great to not be ashamed of my body and be able to indulge in the fun with my pup in my undies :)

I weighed in at 124 today - resulting from the dehydration, I am sure, and drinking the beer. It's okay, today is back to my normal water-chugging, veggie-eating, dog-walking, yoga-doing ways :)

Love and Peace, hope you are living without regrets!!

Edited to Add: I won't be able to post this weekend, back in the Adirondacks, but I have my bridal shower and will update you when I get back how it went :)

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