Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cheez-its, Oreos and Festival Weigh-in

Okay - I am starting to be recovered from the festival. Wow. Not fully, but I am working on it. Resting and filling myself with tons of water and good, clean food.

Got to babysit in a little bit, which I am scared of, because I don't really have the energy for a four year old. But I will pay the price for my raging and suffer through it :)

I weighed in this morning to some really great news: 122!


I stayed paleo for the first day and a half of the festival, but did not stay sober. Not being sober definitely started to chip away at my resolve and by Saturday, I ate half a box of Cheez-its and Oreos. Holy Crap.

However, you have to understand what the festival is like - by mid-afternoon, it is in full swing and you are not hanging out at your campsite, you are running around the music and dancing for about 8 - 10 hours straight! We missed dinner EVERY night, hahaha. But we ate eggs and bacon for breakfast every morning and a big lunch. The junk food was a late night binge that I knew weren't good, clean food - but the calories were desperately needed!

I am paying for the things I ate in the form of a slightly upset stomach and more weariness than I might have had otherwise. We did eat most of our paleo food that we brought - the Lara bars were great snacks for when we were caught at the music and couldn't leave (because there was more music!)

All in all - I did as good of a job as I possibly could for living in a field for three days and nights, with my main goal focused on hearing music and dancing for the better part of a day :D I regret nothing!!! Seriously, I don't - this is a hedonistic weekend, for sure, and I indulged with glee at certain points. I did no long lasting damage and am right back on track this week.

Three more pounds to go before I see a weight under 120 for the first time in my life - I am excited and moving towards it. 

Chris took a photo of my tattoo at the festival (I love my orange sarong!) because it was peeking out a lot and he was enjoying it - I love the pic, so I wanted to share:

Off to babysit! Namaste, friends :)

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