Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eating Paleo at a Music Festival?

First: I'll let you know the wedding dress fitting went really well! I still love the dress and am so excited to be able to wear it in front of everyone and post pictures! It's killing me to keep it secret :)

But as for my post today: I know summer is in full swing when I am spending the day getting ready for a music festival! I am actually kind of overwhelmed by it this year - packing for three days of camping and craziness while all I want to be doing is spending my time working on my wedding/finding a job/my dissertation.

Life is kind of crazy and full.

But that's what makes it life, right?

Well, anyway, I have to push all the extraneous stuff aside for the moment and focus on what is going to happen next - Camp Bisco! For those of you who don't know the Disco Biscuits (which is probably all of you, haha), they are an electronic jam band who hosts a huge music festival right by my home city every year - about 20,000 young (and not so young) music fans come for three nights and days of camping and music. Pretty insane and fun time.

We have gone with a bunch of our friends for a number of years now (Chris for TEN years and me for four!). This might be our last (getting too old to party like a 20 years old haha) and we are really looking forward to it :)

Like last year, I am going to attempt to stay as paleo as possible during the weekend and limit the alcohol, as well. Last year was decently successful. I have to preplan a lot since the camping situation is not ideal (out in the sun in a field) and we obviously have no access to refrigeration.

What we are bringing:

Lara bars
Roasted sweet potatoes
Cooked bacon
Dried figs
Quinoa with veggies
Hard boiled eggs
Almond milk
Sunflower seed butter
Coconut water
Fruits (yet to be bought - probably grapes or cherries or something)

For sale at the festival is a lot of different kinds of food - I can always grab some grilled meat or an egg sandwich (and not eat the bread) and stuff like that.

And it is a weekend full of walking around and dancing like mad. So if I can manage not to overeat, I am going to come out on top :)

I may or may not post tomorrow, we actually head into the festival on Thursday morning. So if I don't chat with you till then, I hope you all have lovely weekends full of laughter <3

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