Monday, July 22, 2013

Finally LOVING photos of myself!

I will probably delay the hiking photos till tomorrow, because I am lazy and it requires cords and cameras and effort. I am seriously exhausted from the hike yesterday!

The hike itself was really beautiful. The forest was gorgeous, the weather was perfect (we got up at 4 AM so we could start hiking at 6 AM and were done by 3 PM, so we missed being in any sort of heat!), and we had some really lovely views. The path was just very difficult - tight, narrow, uneven, uphill the whole way.

I am back up to 123.2 today - my muscles are definitely swollen from the hike and I KNOW I didn't drink enough water. So I am slightly dehydrated and I overate a little bit at night because I was so hungry from the day/dehydration. Ah well. I know it'll equalize in a day or two as I get back to normal!

But since sharing my engagement photos doesn't require doing anything more than clicking my mouse, I wanted to share the ones I got from the photographer so far.

I just want to say - wow. I've never felt so beautiful! The photographer is AMAZING and took great photos of us, showing us in our best light. She was easy, casual and fun. She kept us laughing and talking to each other, so her photos came out really natural and not so posed. (actually, a number of the photos we weren't aware she was still TAKING photos, we thought she was fiddling with her equipment and just chatting!) I can't wait to see what she does at our wedding :)

So here they are:

This is one of the ones I didn't know she took!
We climbed the small mountain behind Chris' family's cabin for this shoot :)

One of my favorites :)

Had to have my wolf ears for a part of it!!

So this did wonders for my self esteem - it's hard to feel ugly when you are looking at pictures of yourself and only see happiness and love. I really can't rave about the photographer enough. I don't see any of my usual awkwardness or self-consciousness or body issues present in these photos. I just see a gorgeous day with the man I love :)

Feeling mushy and lovey, so sorry for the gushing!

My day is a normal day - had eggs with tomato and avocado, walked the dog, about to do some yoga to get this hiking stiffness out, and then prepping some job applications! Lunch and dinner will be paleo, clean, and simple.


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