Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goal Day - dress fitting and the importance of HAVING goals

So the reason I got my butt in gear this year is here: having my wedding dress tailored to fit MY body - and damn, but if I didn't want that body to be awesome when that happened!

I was weighing in around 128/129 most of this past winter and early spring. Depressed, sad, not moving a ton and drinking a little too much.

And though I am only weighing in about 5 pounds lighter today (123.6), all those descriptors just simply don't apply anymore - and that makes me proud of myself AND my body. I am generally happy, optimistic, active and drinking almost nothing at all (alcohol-wise, water drinking I am a champ at!).

My original goal was to weigh in at 120/121 pounds by this day. I am not disappointed that I don't. I still would like to work TOWARDS that weight for my wedding in two months, but my weight/body/attitude/happiness are all right where they should be today :) I feel little and strong and kinda sexy (ooooh!).

I mostly just want to have it in my head that I want to lose another couple pounds so that I don't slip up and gain any weight between now and my wedding. Especially if I am going to have a beautiful gown that is fitted to me - I don't want to struggle with zipping it up on my wedding day!!

This is a weight loss/fitness/etc blog so I talk about my goals as far as weight loss/fitness the most. But this is a good lesson for ALL aspects of life - have your goals. Make goals. Make crazy goals. Make lofty goals. Even if you don't achieve them all, it is likely you are going to end up better off than you started in SOME way.

And so applying it to my weight - yes, I had a goal of weighing 121 today which I didn't reach, but I am better than when I started. And that goal helped me improve so much more than my weight: my confidence, my pride, my energy, my happiness. I now have a goal of weighing 119 by my wedding day - I have doubts I will reach this goal, but I will work towards it with the hopes of ending up somewhere better that day than I am today!

Set your goals and work towards them every day - you will thank yourself a year from now :)

Namaste, friends.

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