Friday, July 19, 2013

Hawaiian style coconut pudding!

Okay, the picture does not do this justice.

It. Was. Amazing.

I went to our local co-op to stock up on some nice summer salads (like a quinoa sweet potato apple salad and a broccoli slaw) for Chris and I to have a little picnic while watching a free play in the city park :) And I saw this amazing little product:

Creamy! AMAZING! Mmm. I bought three of them. Love the super clean and organic AND fair trade ingredient list.

I try to be ethical when shopping - I try not to hurt the earth or animals or farmers or... you get the point. It is hard. I can't always do it because I can't always afford it. But I do what I can :) I hope you do, too! It's worth putting a little goodness out there!

And - if we all try to buy local and organic and fair trade and grass fed and pasture raised, it will send a message to the corporate giants like Monsanto. That we value health, our animals, our earth, our people.

A lovely little treat sent me back into thoughts about eating clean and eating ethically. Surprise!! ;)

Namaste, friends, have an amazing weekend if we don't chat till Monday!

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