Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello, Darlings! Feeling super optimistic and good today, though I've been having trouble sleeping (Chris being gone five days a week starts to wear on me after a while!).

Weighed in today: 122.8. Good - back in the 122s! :) Clean eating, paleo foods, a little bit of exercise. Life goes on!

I've not much else to say today. I am doing the right things for my health and my body. I am taking care of other aspects of my life (had a meeting today to work on my resume, doing some wedding errands, etc). I am hopeful.

It is much easier to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight when the REST of life is taken care of. Remember, this blog is titled For Life - I focus on health and weight, but it is all soooo interconnected and we cannot forget that.

If our spirits and hearts are empty, we don't have much of a chance at success.

I will write soon about what I am struggling with (but I am in such a good mood today, I do not want to dwell too much) - about losing my dad, about the tragic and sort of traumatic way I found him, feeling sadness about not having any parents there to support me at my wedding.

Sadness is natural. Life can be sad. But it can also be so full - if we will just fill it up.

I will leave you with some quotes from my most recent favorite monk that are affecting the way I am CHOOSING to live:

Namaste <3

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