Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh yeah- this! My new normal :)

Not an engagement photo, but a photo I HAD to share. A photo that is evidence of me being on track, "balanced" (I know there are those of us who hate that word - but I think I've found some balance the past few months!), and treating my body right!

I am over 20 pounds lighter than 2 years ago, I am 80 pounds lighter than my highest weight.

Yes- I ate cupcakes this weekend. Yes- I drank beer last week. But is that my norm? No.

My norm is eggs for breakfast, veggies all day, a little fruit, sweet potato, avocado during the day and protein whenever I can! My norm is walking the dog miles every day, doing yoga consistently, and just being an overall active person. My norm is choosing a hike over a BBQ. My norm is health.

That photo was snapped on a 7 mile hike by Chris last Thursday. I love it.

This is so worth it. If you are wondering if giving up junk food is worth it? IT IS. If you are wondering if never eating fast food again is worth it? YEP. I feel amazing - strong and energetic and proud. It is so, so, so worth it.

I know the pain of obesity.

It is so worth escaping. It is so worth struggling. It is so worth those moments of cravings and feelings of deprivation. You will get over those feelings, trust me.

Keep moving, friends. Eat real food. Live your life.

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