Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Planks and Push-ups

I've been focusing a lot on my diet in order to slim down a little, but I certainly haven't given up on strengthening my muscles! I lost a lot of my kick-ass muscle tone that I had gained in the gym last spring and summer by being completely inactive after my dad passed - I don't think I sincerely worked out for over four months (grief, stress from moving, cold and wet winter all affected me way hard).

I've been using some smaller hand weights for bicep curls, lateral arm raises, etc, etc. But using my own body weight has really been my number one. Planks. Planks all the time! And push-ups. I am definitely on my way to getting back my arm muscles that I was so proud of

Showing off!

It's tough since I stole this picture from Facebook, but you can kind of see that I am ripped as I try
to take a pic of me and Koda!
I also rely on squats and lunges for my lower body workout. And general crunches for the abs.

I know that I can get as trim/lean as I want - but without a little muscle to show off, I won't like my body as much!

Not much to say today, Chris is coming home early this week and I am excited to see him tonight! This day will be much like any other - already ate my yogurt, am going to take the Koda-monster on a walk, will eat my veggies and protein all day, do my yoga, take care of life stuff and house stuff and lather, rinse, repeat!

I will leave you with a picture of Koda looming over me as I tried to watch TV last night :)

Love and light!

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