Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pre-fest Check In

I have a little quiet time this morning before the crazy-times erupt! We have a house full of people and a house full of nervous excitement about the weekend. I am mostly worried about the weather (pray for us that it doesn't rain the WHOLE time!).

This morning, I took my last shower until Sunday - yikes :)

Weighing in at 123.4 before the festival, loving the shape of my body right now, but still hoping to see some progress when I get back!

I will miss reading everyone's blogs, forgive me for being a little lax, especially when I get back. They say you need the same amount of days to recover from a festival as the days you attended the festival (and we are doing the full three days).

Not as young as I used to be.... but giving the youthful joy a good shot!

Have a great weekend, my friends, stay safe and healthy <3

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